17th July 2013 22:07
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forever and ever on a non stop loop

11th July 2013 17:32
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Viral Video of the Day: Learning to Dance in 365 Days

For one whole year, San Francisco-based designer Karen Cheng honed her dancing skills every day and recorded her progress on camera. Here’s the result.


Guys, I’ve needed to get this one out of my system for a week. I believe I wore out the tape of Mary Poppins when I was a kid, and my mom used to put the soundtrack on for me and I would spin around while listening to it — not dance, just spin in circles. Weird kid.

Oh anyway, everyone draws the Jolly Holiday scene (I did it once, too. But oh, that’s so old), so I figured I’d switch it up with Step in Time. Which other people have probably done, too. The point is I love this film. I could talk about it a lot, but I won’t right now.

I’d better go to sleep now.

6th March 2011 20:27
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4th February 2011 22:53
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Well I read the first ten pages [of Twilight], I couldn’t really get into it though. More of a Harry Potter girl myself.