15th August 2012 16:43
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I don’t even care that I have homework to do. It’s been a while since I got to draw stuff I like. This is for the fandom <3


This is mostly dedicated to Caitlin, who seemed down yesterday. I hope you had a great first Thanksgiving with your husband, and ilu! This is also for the number of people I met here, whom I am very thankful every day.

15th September 2011 10:36
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Re-posting in case people wanted it without my love letter to Caitlin. If you like this picture, go greet her a ‘Happy Birthday’ because I wouldn’t have drawn this if it weren’t for her :D

This is Ben trying to flirt with Leslie.

This is Leslie too focused on the cotton-candy.

There’s Ben not even minding one bit because Leslie eating cotton-candy is cute.

Well. It looks really messy. Next time I’m making them even more cartoon-looking. The amount of time I spent on their faces (yet still failing) is ridiculous.

This was based on this fic I read: http://community.livejournal.com/leslie_ben/21604.html#cutid1

There was a small scene where Ben wandered into the P&R dept. and started reading Leslie’s colour-coded binders.