30th October 2013 13:08
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wow instead of reading house of leaves let’s go on reddit and look up some glitch in the matrix and no sleep posts

2nd April 2013 13:03
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HahahhahahahagHaha yr asd

I thought the clothes were the hard part. I forgot about my socks and gloves cry cry cry

Later on in the panel, Downey said that Favreau is killing it as Happy Hogan. Favreau, also on the panel, said when they were filming the first two, he’d always film his stuff last in the day and not spend as much time on it because he had the rest of the movie to contend with. Now, as executive producer and actor he is freer to just focus on the character. Downey said the energy is “off the chain. He’s Swingers at 40.”

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25th May 2012 11:03
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Bert and a Penguin - Disneyland Paris

29th September 2011 18:40
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Red Dragon | Ellen June (click here for her Etsy)

15th September 2011 11:52
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10th September 2011 3:00
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Finally in Hogwarts. I’m getting so panicky over this whole process. I mean… I can’t imagine myself in any other House than Slytherin. And if I would, it’d be Hufflepuff. Oh gawd.

I can’t bring myself to start clicking around.

25th July 2011 19:43
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Oatmeal With Soft-Cooked Eggs, Cheddar, and Scallions