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MAGGIE: If temptation counted as cheating, no marriage would make it past the first year. Imagine what it was like for me, you bringing James around all those years…
NATE: James? Sterling?
NATE: Seriously? Sterling?
MAGGIE: Seriously.

Leverage 4.18 The Last Dam Job

10th September 2014 13:14
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John Rogers coined the term competence porn to describe those scenes the audience love where the team are doing the things they are best at. I love how obvious they made it in this episode by making not only the audience but also the team itself clearly turned on by each other’s skills.

4th September 2014 14:07
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What do you think about the whole Lena- church controversy?




I don’t think there should be any controversy. I think the church has every right to deny them the rights to film the WOS scene there. It is a worship site, it is sacred ground for believers and they have every right to demand it to be respected and treated as such.  And I strongly believe that if this was naked Nikolaj instead of Lena, their response would stay the same. Plus, even without the religious connotation, it is still a public building, like a city hall or a school,  and one of its rules is “no nudity allowed”, so respect the rules or be kicked out. It’s not a question of shaming sexuality, it is, after all, a matter of respecting that congregation and their religious beliefs ( ancestral beliefs), and Christianity is not the only religion that discourages nudity. Let’s not forget that this scene has absolutely no connection to the church itself, it is a scene in which a naked woman is degraded for the fun and pleasure of the crowd, it should be more than understandable why they don’t want their sacred spot to be associated with this.  And I dare say that all the outrage would have been on the other side if it were a mosque or a Buddhist temple involved instead of a Christian church. 

^Absolutely this. It made me so mad when D&D talked about being kicked out of the filming spot and started making fun of “Bible-thumpers” and making fun of the church. Real classy, totally created empathy for you and your predicament. Their response could have been that even though they were denied the site and needed to find another, they respected the church’s decisions and understand why they didn’t want the scene shot. But no, instead they threw a hissy fit at comic-con. So mature. I thought I couldn’t dislike D&D any more than I already did, but this proved me wrong.

this is what pisses me off about d&d they have this weird pretentious faux-subversive vibe to them but when it comes to content their ideals are totally gone they just think they’re soooo edgy and cool but they’re really just obnoxious douchebags they’re all ‘what’s wrong with nudity? are you a prude or something?’ then they only show nude females 'why does sex make you uncomfortable?' because it’s a gratuitous lesbian sex scene that includes an inexplicably dressed man which precedes gentital mutilation 'look at all of our cool badass female characters' *women who dress/act/think like macho-men and actively put down other women*
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weis, so-yi, yuna, mako discuss asian pop culture (kpop, anime, dramas, etc) and how things have changed since kaiju attacks


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Subject: mekka s12e04!!!!!

yamazakikun mentioned PU-02 in last night’s episode! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ~~12.47

'crimson hyperion and nova typhoon, huh… aren't those girls who pilot CH really cool?!'

From: l.wei@ppdc.com

you still watch mekka????

From: h.wei@ppdc.com

mekka’s still going????

From: c.wei@ppdc.com

wait are we girls in mekka????

From: s.pang@ppdc.com

is that an anime? because me and yuna were watching ‘when we met ten years ago’ and kdramas are getting in on it too?! we’ve been pretty popular since PU-02

From: m.mori@ppdc.com

wow, those timestamps are exactly the same… truly drift compatible…

and i don’t watch it anymore, but odasan in engineering says her son does! it’s a kids anime you know…

From: h.wei@ppdc.com

does anyone other than me or jin still watch the trainee days webseries? terrible!

'once a month, a crimson typhoon comes out of her breach'

(⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾) (⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾) (⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)

that’s not how the breach works!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: y.ahn@ppdc.com

oh no (●´艸`) now i need to start watching

From: l.wei@ppdc.com

yinyin’s my favorite too… that really hurt… 

i’m watching the mekka episode, is it just me or is it not as good as when we were younger? 

From: m.mori@ppdc.com

(▰︶︹︺▰) you’re just getting old!

From: c.wei@ppdc.com

that hurts too, mako… (´_`。)

but since we’re on the subject, i found an old documentary on early kaiju attacks and guess whose baby picture they show every two minutes

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mako used to be so cute


what happened???

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masterpost of luus with adorable babies (pattaya orphanage in thailand, từ dũ hospital in vietnam, misc. fan photos)

bonus luus AS adorable babies:


74-75/100  Pictures of Mario Mandzukic




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