How the Mighty Fall (In Love)


I know, I know.

Everybody and their mother has a “how the Kaidanovskys met” fic/drabble/cobbled-together gifset

This one, however, is mine (which could not have been done at all without Lindsay, my Drift-compatible Dothraki Pirate spouse)

Title: How the Mighty Fall (In Love)

Rating: Pg-13/Rish

Summary: He’s 7 years younger and already so much taller, twice her weight,  and nothing like her brother.

And they are Drift Compatible.

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To his crew, Stacker Pentecost is exactly the fixed point he claims to be. No one bats an eye at the kid he brings back from Tokyo: heroes mean survivors, after all.

Stacker doesn’t mention he has no idea what do with her. They buy it, mostly, except that Herc keeps dropping by to swap stories—he has a boy just about her age—and Sasha develops a nasty habit of airplaning her through the loading bay. Tendo taps the Japanese-English dictionary on his desk and says, “So she’s a keeper, huh?” and it strikes him, clean and quick as falling out of the Drift, that maybe outposts and military bases aren’t the place for Mako Mori at all.

He sits her down that night and bites back a grin at how she folds her hands in her lap, her back stick straight. “Do you like it here?” he asks in halting Japanese, and she’s already correcting him before she latches on to his meaning (they’ve made a game out of it, English for Japanese, Japanese for English, although he’s fast running out of things to teach her).

Her eyebrows bunch together and she looks serious—too serious, like his sister before she went out to sea for the last time—and he pockets his anger for later, for the monsters who slid that bleak calculus into his little girl’s head. “Yes,” she answers. “I want to fight.”

He puts her to bed and stays up into the morning memorizing the names of her toys and converting one of his cabinets into an archive of crayon doodles. He doesn’t tell her, “You’ll be a warrior someday, but you’ll be a child first.”

HA HA HA ;A; This fic is my death

Now is probably the right time to post this.

It’s Catching Fire in Haymitch’s POV. You get to see other victors/mentors and how things are handled in the viewing room, etc. Fern’s been my favourite author for a while now because of how she handles not just secondary characters, but the background characters as well. The depth and backstories she gives them are so well-written and I’ve basically chosen as my own fanon.

She’s written a whole lot of other stories from different pov’s. Delly’s in the first book, Haymitch for the second and third, and also a Peeta POV during his capture.

I’ve put them all on chronological order, so if you have a week to yourself, do me a favour and please read them!

The Hunger Games

The Tesserae Coalition - The morning of the Reaping, Peeta, Delly, and other town friends meet at an empty shop.

The Final Eight - Delly Cartwright watches the Games unfold as her oldest friend is among the final eight tributes fighting to survive, and the media descend on District Twelve.

Catching Fire

Real Friends - Just before the Victory Tour, Peeta is still angry at Katniss for her deception, and angry at himself for believing it.

The Golden Mean - As Katniss and Peeta deal with the Victory Tour and the Quarter Quell, Haymitch is preparing for a bigger battle.


House of Cards - After the second Quarter Quell ends with battle, Peeta Mellark is taken back to the Capitol to be broken. (Warning - Extreme violence/torture)

The Narrow Path - In District Thirteen, Haymitch Abernathy is dealing with enforced sobriety, winning a war, and a troubled teenage girl.

Songs of Victory - After the assassination, Johanna and the other remaining victors disagree on how best to help Katniss. (Fern’s done some changes in regards to this story. All her fics were written out of order, and by Narrow Path, realised there had been a few things here that didn’t connect right in the book, iirc- but it’s still well-written)

The Four Decisions - Five, ten, fifteen years pass before Katniss and Peeta decide to have a child.


The End of the World - Sixteen-year-old Haymitch Abernathy has plenty to worry about - a sick mother, a decrepit house, an empty larder. The last thing he’s worried about is the Capitol’s choice to double the number of Games tributes in a Quell year…

The Rites of Fall - Dannel Mellark sees his friend Haymitch through the aftermath of the Quarter Quell, and the surge of fury in District Twelve that follows it… but he doesn’t see a big part of of his own life starting to slip away. (First section connects to the final chapter of “The End of the World.”)

The Hanging Tree - Haymitch’s life continues to deteriorate between the Victory Tour and his first Games as mentor.

These Are The Names (Ongoing) - Effie Trinket becomes the District 12 escort, and works with Haymitch through fourteen years before his last tributes come along.

And these are my absolute favourite ones - challenge fics. Every time she finishes a new story, she gets people to send her prompts, and a lot of these range from requests from the very first hunger games, to Beetee’s hg, to Snow’s granddaughter, to future fic with the children.

Happy reading!

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do you know of any good parks and rec fanfic?

Oooh, a lot! I used to collect them, but… the fics are saved somewhere I can’t find right now but here’s my favourites (they’re all Ben/Leslie centric):

Cypanache’s Snapshots and Patchwork Hearts (this one is a teen AU that I am deathly in love with, incomplete but still a good read)

Caitlin’s It’s Still The Same Old Story

cmdrjade did a lovely Parks/Doctor Who crossover that I am ridiculously sad I can’t find, but someone here might so check the notes?


Honestly though, the Parks fandom has an array of the most wonderful fic writers. Many of them my friends, which is why I am absolutely lucky to have been in this fandom when it was starting to really grow because I got to request for so many and was always obliged. Just go to this livejournal page or this (again, Ben/Leslie centric) and you’ll have fun going through them.


I tend to read a lot of shippy fics in this fandom. If not Ben/Leslie, it’s Ben/April, or Ben/Ann? There were a LOAD of great ones in the kink meme from like, season 3 that got a lot of people in the fandom into Ben/ANYONE. Like, there were some pretty good threesome fics in there, not gonna lie. It’s why so many people who started out with the fandom (which really started growing in season 3) are open to any ship. :P

Hunger Games AU where Effie is chosen as a Slayer and Haymitch is her watcher.


On the fourth day she kills a vampire and Haymitch tells her he’s her Watcher. At home she sits in the shower until the hot water runs out and she dyes her hair sky blue.

The curious tale of how the Avengers adopted Maria Hill and her daughter.

“I still can’t decide if it’s funny or terrifying,” Pepper murmurs as Pippa beams through a mouthful of beads. “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes wrapped around the pinky of a six month old girl.”



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No title, because it was just a request on LJ, but the premise is basically Chaff and Seeder mentoring Rue and Thresh. It’s just a short thing, that I’m gaining feels for. I’m going to recc everything written by FernWithy because she’s expanded so much in the Panem world, with all the characters she’s written so far. Just read her stories, okay?

"But if he does protect me, then he’ll have to kill me, and they’ll hate him anyway," Rue says. Thresh looks shocked. She shrugs. "I figured that out already. You go off one direction and I’ll go the other, and then we won’t have to worry about it unless we’re the last two."

Haymitch’s POV during Catching Fire. The author’s also got other stories that tie-in with it and MJ, from different POVs including Johanna, Delly Cartwright, etc.

I think the reason I enjoyed Catching Fire the most is because how it goes behind the scenes as to what goes on behind the games. I mean, obviously, we don’t see it in the during the the third Quell, but it gets touched on in the Victory Tour and afterwards. The politics behind it, and all those alliances that was happening between mentors. It’s the one reason I sometimes want to tear my hair out for only seeing things through Katniss’ eyes.

This fic has everything I wanted in the books, and more. Give it a read :D

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Do you have any Marauder era fic recommendations? Or any next HP generation fics to suggest?

Ah! This is surprising! I barely talk about Harry Potter on Tumblr (though I reblog it), and I don’t think I’ve let people know of my obsession with the next generation aside from the reblogs of nextgen fancasting/graphics.

I’m not a huge Marauders fan enough to have read lots of fic, and most of the time they were mostly Lily/Snape fics before their friendship fell apart. There was one really good one I read that was kinda Snape-centric by this author/fanartist I follow on deviantart, that… um, I can’t remember anymore. And there was this other one fic with Marauders friendship that… I can’t remember either D: I swear, nonny, this would be a lot easier if my external harddrive would actually open. All the fics I’ve saved from 2006-2011 disappeared along other things :/

BUT! I can rec you some REALLY REALLY REALLY good next gen fics. I’m a huge fan of the supposed next gen trio (Scorpius/Rose/Albus) though I’ve always been a snob as to where there put Albus. I’m very much adamant he’s a Slytherin.

I got into… a full rant/essay type post here a long time ago.

Anyway, some good reads (most the trio or Albus): (TEDDY LUPIN!)

And fuck fuck fuck. There was a really good one by Cassandra Clare (of Draco Trilogy fame) that she took down after she became a published author, and I’m just ridiculously annoyed because that was my favourite portrayal of Scorpius in a fic. Still as arrogant as his dad, but very protective of Albus, and friendly with Rose. I’m trying to remember her old lj handle, because maybe I could find in somehow? AUGH I JUST WISH MY FUCKING LACIE DRIVE DIDN’T BREAK DOWN OR SOMETHING

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Mycroft/Anthea fanfic recs


Updated the list, because I stumbled upon *the* prompt fill page.
[edit #2) Holy shit, I haven’t updated it so long. I’ve added at least ten new fics.


Delivery for M Holmes
Full of Stars
(a sentence fic with a mix of A/M and S/J)
Spend All Your Time Waiting
Car Sex (adult content well duh)
The Ten Commandments
(list fic, wing!fic - I think these are fallen angels trope fic requested on kink memes)
Facts about Mycroft’s P.A.
(Anthea list fic)
Eyes That Burn Like Cigarettes
(Anthea character study again. There’s a ton of these, but the ending made me laugh)

Anthea (no title; fill)
(pure fluff, tbh but whatreeeveerrr)
Shortest fill of my life (lol no title)
(shortest fill ever and I am fucking cracking up)
Five Drabbles: Sixth Sense, Thunder, Lightning, Christmas, She
(mixed drabbles)
(regarding the speculation about Anthea’s memory, also probably the closest to canon!Mycroft)
Mycroft’s Companion (What if Anthea was just the Doctor’s Companion who decided to stay behind in London?)
A Place Called Home
5 insignificant things Sherlock Holmes deleted from his “hard drive” and one he just can’t seem to forget (has a small bit with Mycroft)
(prompt fill - no title)
Diffidentia (lots of Latin here, just as a warning)
Social Anxiety (this is honestly fantastic, a different take to Anthea’s character)
Boundaries (Not ship!fic but still fun)
You’re Not, You Don’t
So Often do I Need (10 genres fic)
Idle Hands (Anthea attempts to quit smoking)
The One That Matters (another first meeting story)
How It Happens (prompt: “I never meant to be a political assassin, but he invited me out to the point, and he tried to kiss me.”)
No title (Another prompt fic: Anthea is given the job to assassinate Mycroft. The end resulting in his hiring her)
No title (Ahaha, Adele wrote me a message-fic on here. It’s short, and incomplete but SO FUCKING DELIGHTFUL)
The Card (Mildly depressing. Just after Reichenbach)
Armistice Day (short Apocalyptic fic. Sort of :P)
Manifesto of Pataphysical Echo (short Doctor Who (sort of)/Sherlock crossover where Anthea isn’t really a human)
Importance (a pretty great gender equality fic. Anthea is chivalrous)

Longer one-chaptered fics:

She Can Get What She Came For (adult content >_________>)
Evelyn Harriet Holmes Watson
(more focused on an OC character who is effing precious but has bits of A/M and is definitely S/J)

Grecian Lament
(Anthea fic, eventual Mycroft/Anthea)
A Day in the Life
(purely a Mycroft fic, but still enjoyable so I’ve added it here)
Whatever Love Means
(I don’t even know. I just cackled at the end)
The Art of Scheduling or How Mycroft Came to Realise He Was Well and Truly Fucked
(this might be my favourite of EVERS)
(genderfluid fic that leaves me clutching at my face for dear life)
(counterpart to the above)
A Gift from M

(Anthea fic, meeting up with Mycroft for the first time)
No, or, A Very Delilah Day (sequel to the above)
The Problem of a Miserable Assistant
(not sure of the sounds I just made; also the amount of fluff people manage to squeeze on these two is surprising and IT IS GOOD)
Tesselation (good God, headcanons are FUN)
En Pointe (um o_o it’s written nicely, is all I can say. I don’t know why I linked it, but I do like how it’s written, so)
Deus ex Mycroft (not really a ship-fic, but more of how the two work with each other)
War (hints at the ship, but still a hilarious read)
Water Damage
One Sentence Stories (it’s one sentence stories, with all the characters but I put this here because it is LONG. SO MANY GOODIES! just as joyful to read. I can’t remember if there were any specific!Anthea ones but there’s some great Mycroft in there)
Five Birthdays (number 4 is relevant to our interest, also a few other ships)
Studies in Power (You know power when you see it, and Mycroft Holmes is the most tempting thing you’ve ever seen. - holy shit, just READ)
Comforting Power (sequel to above, somewhere after Reichenbach)
Credibility (Anthea constantly asks Mycroft out, only he thinks she’s making fun of him. … this is a lot more serious than how I explain it)


In Momento Temporis (More Anthea, no actual shipping but it has Mycroft)
(My GOD this is cracky as hell and hilarious)
(Fill, no title)
(Anthea attempts to show an oblivious Mycroft she’s attracted to him; this is almost so cracky due to the fluff and I’m just cackling at the most random places, but I actually like it)
Five Ways Mycroft is an Awesome Uncle

Incompetent (friendship fic of sorts)
Masters of Disguise (my current favourite fic right now. Author’s dealing with irl things so it’s still at chapter 13, but everything up till then is still fantastic so go give it a read. Anthea and Moriarty are really siblings with an troubled incestuous relationship that gets gets worse when Anthea starts working for Mycroft Holmes. JUST. READ. IT.)

A collection of 100 drabbles (4 parts) that includes all the cast. It’s so wonderful because all of them seem to intertwine with each other, especially with the characterisation. I think my favourite (besides the Anthea ones) are where Sally and Anderson are actual people who respect Lestrade, but still hate Sherlock. It makes sense that one of the reasons Sally would dislike Sherlock is because she thinks highly of Lestrade, and whatnot. ANYWAY. SO. GOOD. Nothing shippy between Mycroft and Anthea, but the drabbles with the both if them are some pretty damn good characterisation.

(ps, the comments next to them are mostly for Grace’s benefit, whom I sent this entire list to in e-mail format)

FINALLY updated!