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{asoiaf challenge} - a scene you want to see on the show 

→  “You look different now. Like a proper little girl.”

“I look like an oak tree, with all these stupid acorns.”

“Nice though. A nice oak tree.” He stepped closer and sniffed at her. “You even smell nice for a change.”

“You don’t. You stink.” Arya shoved him back against the anvil and made to run, but Gendry caught her arm.

She stuck a foot between his legs and tripped him, but he yanked her down with him, and they rolled across the floor of the smithy. He was very strong, but she was quicker. Every time he tried to hold her still she wriggled free and punched him. Gendry only laughed at the blows, which made her mad. He finally caught both her wrists in one hand and started to tickle her with the other, so Arya slammed her knee between his legs, and wrenched free. Both of them were covered in dirt, and one sleeve was torn on her stupid acorn dress. “I bet I don’t look so nice now,” she shouted.

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shinydemon asked you: 

Jeremy Renner

Why is this making me want to fic.

Wait…. He’s left-handed??? Why does that make him even hotter to me?? LOL

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Ok, just one more for now.

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→ Emma Watson, Matthew Goode, Zachary Quinto, Judi Dench (for @anon) | Cars & Trains, The Wires From My Broken Record Player

Deemed to be a loose cannon, former CIA operative Judi Dench was forced to retire from the agency ten years ago. To combat the boredom that threatened to kill her when seasoned assassins could not, Judi started running classes on the sly out of her house overlooking the Cape, imparting her wisdom to independent contractors for a not-so-nominal fee. While most grand parents pass down cherished family recipes for apple pie, Judi has given granddaughter Emma Watson something a lot more valuable. Ever since Emma’s been old enough to walk, she’s spent three weeks every summer being trained by Nana in the art of getting shit done. By the time she entered kindergarten, Emma already knew twenty different ways to kill someone with the items in their pantry, incapacitate a grown man using nothing but her pinky, and make a shiv out of a credit card, two pieces of floss, and a number two pencil. When she was ten, Nana pulled her aside and presented Emma with her first glock while the rest of the family gathered around the tree singing Christmas carols. To say that Judi isn’t like most grandmothers would be an understatement. Now after getting word from an old contact that one of her former students (Matthew Goode) has hatched a plot to do away with the prime minister of North Korea, Nana presents Emma with a unique opportunity to put all that she has learned to good use. All she has to do is put Matthew out of commission before the CIA agent on the case (Zachary Quinto) gets a chance to capture and interrogate him. Once she convinces her oblivious parents to let her backpack across Europe for some life experience she can use for her Harvard application, Emma sets out on a dangerous adventure chasing after an anarchist hell bent on sparking a nuclear war between two superpowers and, in the process, gets a hefty bounty placed on her own head when the idiots in Washington mistakenly assume she’s working with him. As she fights to make her grandmother proud, Emma knows that this summer would make one hell of a college essay provided she can stay alive long enough to make it to the fall.