7th August 2014 21:14
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the dark blue ones (the champions league kit) is BEAUTIFUL. we need to go back to last year. because all the kits were stunning.
They’re SO PRETTY!!! Apparently there is a store here nearby that can order them for me with the number I want sooo yaaaaaaaah! I’m probably gonna end up getting Alaba because of pinoy pride :)
lmao and it’s just a nonsense game. you’re not going to survive the dfl supercup.
i dislike u for dragging me into this
25th July 2014 21:52
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the flamengo inspired away germany jerseys are stunning negl.
it’s the button-up that makes them look adorbs too XP A lot of fans were wearing them the last week of the finals because I think those were the only ones left in stores and they looked reaaal nice. I was just lucky they had a coupe of the white ones left that day I checked. I had called, like, five different Sport Chek around toronto, and they all sold out.
25th July 2014 21:39
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omg sara NO. they hideous and look like pajamas
SSHHH WHO KNOWS, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL THEY LOOK NICE! You thought the same about the white german nt jerseys!!! I can’t bring myself to get the official home ones, It’s so BRIGHT BLUE AND RED
Also, I’ve been thinking of getting the black/red ones with Ozil’s name because they actaully looked good on people I’ve seen >__________>
15th July 2014 1:38
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sara the bayern munich season is starting soon (22nd of august to be exact) your love for the german team should lead you right to supporting bayern, because they are the best team obviously.

yo ive already decided to start cheering bayern since last year because of all your posts, plus most of the ppl i like are from bayern? daaamnnn. I’m excited to also see what Javi is made of, since you posted about him a lot XD

LMAO. have i told you how much i enjoy watching your downward spiral into really loving football. it’ great.
that ain’t cool. you’ve known me long enough to know that when i spiral, i spiral hard and never go back ;A;
9th July 2014 19:29
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argentina have a shitload of luck on their side. i’m not hopeful. (pessimism is how i deal)
NGL, considering I’ve only really recently started taking my rooting for Germany seriously the past few months, I think I would have been okay with Germany as runner up if it was against Netherlands. Now it’s like, “WELP I MIGHT AS WELL GO ALL THE WAY” because I still think Neuer’s a whole lot better than Messi, and germany’s team is a lot better as a whole compared to Argentina’s.

AUGH. And like, I have a shift that day that I can’t give away anymore bc it’s too late, I didn’t think Germany would go thaaat far >___>, and a bunch of friends from work are trying to go to a bar or to the CBC building to cheer for the team and I can’t go ha HA HA :|
3rd July 2014 0:22
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not dramatic enough tbh. there will be tears at first but then you’ll come to terms with the fact that they are all trash. I remember HATING the jersey when it was revealed and then I bought it. And it was perfect.
perfect timing for Friday, because I already think it’s going to end in tears against France but at least I’m prepared with something I can wipe snot away
ur in it forever now. there’s no escape. but also, isn’t it beautiful?
I was gonna say this was going to be the beginning of a lifelong disastrous relationship but that would’ve been too dramatic maybe?
and it IS. ITS SO SOOFFFTTT. AND FITS PERFECTLYYYYY. Nothing like this thing that nearly reaches my knees
30th June 2014 18:48
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sara, this is germany in a nutshell. play like garbage, still win. you’ll learn this with time.
this is the closest i’ve ever followed them, im going to die every time they play now.
and neuer????? LIKE??????