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It’s finally here! The official Kurios trailer.

23rd March 2012 22:35
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On January 12, 2010, one day after his 18th birthday, CAPA High School honors student Jordan Trent Miles was ambushed by three plain clothes Pittsburgh police officers, who failed to identify themselves and approached him aggressively. The officers did not say “Stop! Police!”, they jumped out of an unmarked vehicle, one of them yelling “Where’s your money? Where’s the drugs? Where’s the gun?” Miles, never before in trouble with the police and thinking he was being robbed, began to run, and slipped on the icy sidewalk. The officers overtook Miles and administered a brutal beating that left him unrecognizable, ripping dreadlocks out of his head, and continuing to beat him as he lay on the ground after their initial assault, stammering the Lord’s Prayer. There can be no explaining away or excusing what was done to Miles.

The police officers lied about what happened, claiming there was a bulge in his pocket they assumed was a gun but “turned out to be a Mountain Dew bottle”. No bottle was ever entered into evidence, and Jordan and his friends will tell you he doesn’t even drink the soda. The officers also attempted to claim a neighbor reported him as a prowler and attempted to bring assault charges against Miles, which were tossed out of court when the neighbor said she did no such thing. Despite all this, the City of Pittsburgh went on to reward these violent officers with a commendation and, during their suspension, paid them more than they earned while working. Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh DA has not brought charges and the Justice Department announced on May 4th, 2011 that it would not prosecute the three officers. The mayor and police chief announced on May 5th that the three officers would be returning to work.

“I feel that my son was racially profiled,” Terez Miles said. “It’s a rough neighborhood; it was after dark. … They assumed he was up to no good because he’s black. My son, he knows nothing about the streets at all. He’s had a very sheltered life, he’s very quiet, he doesn’t know police officers sit in cars and stalk people like that.”


Yo, FUCK these guys.

…with spiked bats!

Anyone familiar with the case in Miami in which the police assaulted a young man who suffers from down syndrome will recognize the almost identical language used by the police in both these cases with respect to what drew them to the individual in question - a bulge in the pocket.

When last I checked pockets were meant to be used to store things, cell phone, bottles of water, additional clothing, etc…. Pockets by definition do not retain a flat shape once they are the recepticle for such items, hence they bulge.

I have personally been subjected to the ready made “someone reported suspicious behaviour in the neighborhood” response by police. Fortunately for me I haven’t yet had my head bashed in by police. I guess I should be thankful….

This made my heart stop. This is scary and shameful.

Okay… breaking my rule. 

Remember when this happened?

I remember this

I do, too. I can’t…………..

1st March 2012 19:54
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With regards to Self Harm Awareness Day…


I’ve known 4 people in my life who have thought of/ acted upon harming themselves. Naturally, as a friend, I offered to help heal or take the pain away somehow. I told them that life would eventually get better. I told them that they’re not alone. And, though they probably initially wondered why I cared in the first place, the thing they probably didn’t know was that I went through the same thing.

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